Shengdana Laddoo

Peanut laddoos  – a quick and healthy snack  for that instant burst of energy.  There is no jaggery or sugar syrup to be made. So, this is quite an easy laddoo recipe which can be made in minutes. Lets have a look at the recipe.


1 1/2 cup raw peanuts (mungphali)
1 cup jaggery (gud), broken into pieces
½ tsp cardamom powder (elaichi powder)
1 tbsp homemade clarified butter (ghee)


  • Heat a pan and dry roast the peanuts on slow flame till they turn aromatic and completely roasted.
  • Allow the peanuts to cool down.
  • Deskin the peanuts.
  • Transfer the peanuts to a mixer jar.
  • Add jaggery.
  • Blend to a coarse mixture.
  • To the mixture, add cardamom powder and 1 tbsp of melted ghee.
  • Mix everything thoroughly.
  • Shape into medium sized laddoos.
  • Store peanut laddoos in an airtight jar.




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