About Me

I am Vanita. Cooking for me is both creative and therapeutic. I feel like an artist when I am able to dish out a perfect meal. Turning a few simple ingredients to a delicious, fulfilling meal with right flavours, colour, and aroma is nothing short of an artwork. I truly believe that when you are passionately doing something, the result is always marvellous. We are all foodies in our family and love all types of cuisines. My kids demand variety in food daily and want me to try out new dishes. And that’s how my experiments with food started.

Recently, I’ve ventured into gardening and growing organic vegetables in my balcony. It’s amazing to see the wonders of nature, to see a plant grow from a minuscule seed and to see a plant flowering and bearing fruits. Here, in this blog, I will be sharing my experiences about gardening too.

 I don’t claim to be an expert on cooking and gardening. I am learning something new everyday. This blog is a humble attempt at sharing my passion with the world.