kairi mirchicha thecha

Kairi Mirchicha Thecha is a Maharashtrian style spicy and tangy chutney made using raw mangoes, green chillies alongwith other ingredients. 

Kairi Mirchicha Thecha is typically served as a condiment with traditional Maharashrian meals. It is known for its intense, bold flavours and pairs well with bhakri, bajra rotis and thalipeeth.   This thecha is a celebration of the seasonal produce and is enjoyed during summer when raw mangoes are available in plenty. It is a versatile dish and can elevate a simple meal to the next level. If raw mangoes are not available, you can make Mirchi thecha without mangoes, the recipe for which is here.

List of ingredients to make Kairi Mirchicha Thecha

Raw mangoes
Herbs and Spices : Green Chillies, garlic, cumin seeds, fresh coriander leaves
Other ingredients: oil, peanuts and salt.

Step-wise recipe with pictures

Wash and chop a raw mango.

Wash green chillies and chop off its stem. Peel garlic and keep  peanuts ready

Heat a pan and add oil. Add peanuts and  saute on low heat till it turns aromatic.

Next, add green chillies and saute.

Add garlic and saute.

Add cumin seeds and saute for few seconds.

Allow the roasted ingredients to cool. Transfer the roasted ingredients to a mortar.

Add chopped mango.

Add fresh coriander leaves and salt.

Pound them coarsely using the pestle.

Transfer the thecha to a serving bowl. Serve Kairi Mirchicha Thecha with bhakri,roti or as a side dish with your meals.

Recipe Video

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