Dalgona Coffee | Whipped Coffee

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee –  coffee that has taken the internet by storm.

The recipe of Dalgona Coffee has been floating around for a while now. Intrigued by the name, I looked up the recipe and realized that it is nothing but whipped coffee / cold coffee with a fancy name.  The process of making this coffee is very simple.  You take coffee powder, sugar and hot water, beat the mixture using a blender till it turns light and airy.   Once the whipped coffee forms stiff peaks, add it to cold milk.  That’s it….the soft, silky, creamy Dalgona coffee is ready.


1 cup milk (doodh)
3 to 4 ice cubes (barf)
3 tsp instant coffee
4 tsp sugar (cheeni)
3 tsp hot water (garam paani)

a pinch of instant coffee powder to sprinkle on the coffee.

Dalgona Coffee


  • Into a mixing bowl, add instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water.
  • Whip the mixture using a hand blender till it turns fluffy and stiff peaks are formed.
  • Keep this aside.
  • Now, in a glass, add ice cubes and milk.
  • Top it with whipped coffee.
  • Form swirls on the coffee, sprinkle a pinch of coffee powder and serve immediately.


  • Most of the recipes on the internet calls for equal quantity of coffee powder and sugar.  However, I have added more of sugar as per my taste. If you love strong coffee, then use equal quantity of coffee and sugar.
  • In the absence of a hand blender, you can use a whisk to whip the coffee, though the mixture may take longer to become fluffy and airy.