Makai ki roti

For most North Indian households, nothing screams more winter than Sarson ka saag and makai ki roti.  Makai ki Roti is a must have accompaniment with sarson ka saag.

Makai ki roti is made from maize flour.  As maize flour is gluten free, rolling rotis becomes slightly difficult. Hence, hot water is added while kneading the dough which makes rolling of rotis easier.  Here’s the recipe:


1 cup of maize flour (Makai ka aatta)
Salt as per taste (namak)
¾ cup hot water
1 tsp oil

makai ki roti


  • In a mixing bowl, add a cup of makai ka atta.
  • Add salt and hot water.
  • Mix well with the help of a spoon.
  • When the mixture cools a little, knead into a smooth dough.
  • Add a teaspoon of oil to the dough and knead well.
  • Make medium sized balls from the dough.
  • Take a medium sized ball. Dust the dough ball with maize flour generously  and  roll into a circle with the rolling pin.   
  • Heat a pan/ tava and cook the roti till golden brown spots appear on both the sides of the roti. 
  • Serve hot smeared with ghee with Sarson ka Saag.



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