Khatti Meethi Kasiri Chutney

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney – a sweet, spicy and tangy raw mango chutney.

Mangoes, raw and ripe are in season. There are variety of dishes one can use ripe and raw mangoes for. Raw mangoes are loaded with vitamin C and are rich in antioxidants. Raw mangoes can be used to make pickles, rasam, chutney, curry and so on.

Raw mango chutney is the easiest recipe one can make using raw mangoes. In summers, when raw mangoes are available in plenty, raw mango chutney is commonly made in most homes.Raw mango chutney can be made in variety of ways with different combination of ingredients.  This chutney is made differently in different regions of India. I have already shared 2 types of raw mango chutneys on this blog – Green raw mango chutney and Andhra style raw mango chutney.  Khatti Meethi kairi chutney is another recipe which turns out extremely tasty.

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney is a delicious, sweet, spicy and tangy chutney made from raw mangoes. This recipe makes use of red chilli powder and jaggery which imparts a vibrant colour and sweet taste to the chutney.  This chutney is quite versatile and can be paired with variety of dishes. It elevates the taste of the dish it is served with.

What you will love about this chutney

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney

is extremely delicious
is vegan
is oil free
gets made under 15 minutes
can be served with a wide array of dishes

List of ingredients

Raw mangoes : Use fresh, firm raw mangoes to make the chutney. Any type of raw mango can be used to make this chutney. I have used Totapuri mago.

Garlic : Garlic makes the chutney flavourful. But if you want to make a no onion-garlic chutney, garlic can be skipped.

Jaggery : Jaggery is an important ingredient in this chutney. It imparts a sweetish flavour to the chutney which makes it very delicious. Quantity of the jaggery can be adjusted depending on the sourness of mango.

Red chilli powder : I have used Kashmiri red chilly powder for this chutney. It gives a vibrant colour to the chutney.

Cumin seeds : Cumin seeds or cumin powder can be used to make this chutney.


Khatti meethi Kairi chutney

Step-wise recipe with pictures

Wash and peel the mango.


Cut the mango in small pieces.

Transfer chopped mango to a mixer jar. Add garlic, jaggery, red chilli powder, cumin seeds and salt.

Blend to a fine paste without adding any water.

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney is ready to be served. Keep refrigerated and use as and when required. It remains good for minimum 15 days. 

Serving suggestions

Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney makes for a perfect accompaniment with Parathas,Samosas, pakodas,wafers etc.

It can be spread on toasts and can be served as a side dish with dal rice.

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Khatti Meethi Kasiri Chutney
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Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney | Raw Mango Chutney

– a sweet, spicy and tangy raw mango chutney.
Course Chutney
Cuisine Indian
Keyword Chatpata Kairi chutney, Kachchi Kairi chutney, Khatti Meethi Kairi Chutney, Raw Mango chutney
Prep Time 12 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes


  • 1 big Totapuri raw mango
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 3 tbsp jaggery
  • 4 tsp Kashmiri red chilly powder
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • salt to taste


  • Wash and peel the mango.
  • Chop into small pieces.
  • Transfer chopped mango to a mixer jar.
  • Add garlic, jaggery, Kashmiri red chilly powder,cumin seeds and salt.
  • Blend to a fine paste without adding water. 
  • Serve with parathas/fried snacks etc.

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