Natural pesticide

Neem leaves – a natural pesticide.

There’s nothing like having a small garden in your backyard/ balcony.  The joy of growing your own vegetables/ growing beautiful flower plants is a feeling beyond description. However, while tending to a garden, the most   annoying thing can be  the plant diseases.  To protect the plants from diseases, the plants need to be treated with pesticides. But when you are growing  vegetables, it’s not a good idea to treat the plants with chemicals. It always better to resort to natural methods.

Neem leaves serve as a good alternative to chemical pesticides.  You can make a  pesticide spray from neem leaves.

  • To make the pesticide spray, we will need a bunch of neem leaves.
  • In a deep vessel add the neem leaves and water
  • Boil the water with neem leaves for 20 to 25 minutes till a good decoction of neem is formed.
  • Let this cool completely
  • Strain the neem water and fill in spray bottles.
  • A natural pesticide using neem leaves is ready.

This Neem water should be sprayed generously on the plants once a week to keep them free from pests and diseases.  The plants will thank you for this weekly herbal bath. Do try this herbal remedy to prevent plant diseases.

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Happy Gardening !!





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