Pesarattu | Moong Dosa | Green Gram Dosa is a popular breakfast recipe of Andhra Pradesh. Made from whole green gram (moong), this is a super nutritious dosa and moreover this does not need fermentation like other traditional dosa recipes. Here’s the recipe for Pesarattu:


1 cup Whole green gram (sabut moong)
½ cup rice (chaval)
4 green chillies (hari mirch)
1 inch piece of ginger (adrak)
Salt as per taste (namak)
Oil or Clarified butter for cooking dosas (tel/ghee)



  • Soak green gram (moong) & rice overnight.
  • Drain the water from the moong and water.
  • Transfer soaked moong and rice to a mixer jar.
  • Add green chillies, ginger alongwith water and blend to a smooth paste.
  • The batter should be of pouring consistency.
  • If the batter is too thick, add little water and mix.
  • Add salt to the batter and mix well.
  • Heat a pan.
  • Pour a ladle of dosa batter and spread it in circular motion to form a thin dosa.
  • Drizzle a tsp of oil or ghee around the dosa and cook till the dosa turns crisp.
  • Remove from the pan and serve hot with coconut chutney/ green chutney.




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