Rabdi is nothing but thickened sweet milk garnished with saffron and nuts.  Milk is simmered and reduced on a low flame till it reaches a semi thick consistency. It is chilled and served as dessert.  Rabdi can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or can be served as a topping over hot jalebis, malpuas, kulfis etc. Here goes the recipe:


1 litre milk
3 tbsp sugar
A pinch of saffron (kesar)
Chopped almonds and pistachios
1 tsp of cardamom powder (elaichi)
Pista slivers and Dried rose petals for garnishing


  • Heat a broad bottomed pan.
  • Add the milk and cook on a slow flame.
  • Keep stirring occasionally. 
  • Remove a tsp milk in a small bowl and add  saffron to it.
  • Set it aside.
  • Allow the milk  to boil till it reduces to half its quantity.
  • A layer of cream will keep sticking to the sides of the vessel.
  • Keep scraping the sides of the vessel.
  • When the milk has thickened and reduced to half its quantity, add sugar and mix well.  
  • Add the saffron mixture, chopped nuts and mix.
  •  Allow it to cool.
  • Refrigerate and serve chilled.
  • Garnish with pista slivers and dried rose petals while serving.