Brunfelsia plant

The wonders of nature are far too many.  Every element of nature is made up of astonishing beauty. It’s just that we need to have an eye to observe them. If we look closely enough, we can witness the tiny miracles of nature everyday. One such wonder of nature is the plant “Yesterday today tomorrow”. Its botanical name is Brunfelsia.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow






















This plant produces three colours of flowers. The plant gets its name “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” because of the changing colour of its flowers.These flowers last for 3 days and change colour each day. The day the flower blooms, they are purple in colour. On the second day, they change their colour to a pastel lavender shade and on the third day, they become almost white. Hence the name Yesterday (purple), Today (lavender) and Tomorrow (White). The buds on the plant look like tiny buttons covered with fabric.

yersterday today tomorrow Yersterday today tomorrow

Looking at the flowers, one can easily identify  if it is a yesterday bloom, today or tomorrow. The plant looks amazingly beautiful when all three shades of flowers are present on them. These plants make a good choice if you want to add some colours to your garden. The plant full of purple, lavender and white blooms is a visual delight.

yersterday today tomorrow yersterday today tomorrow

There is so much nature has to offer us. It is just that we need to be aware about them and notice them and above all, be grateful for everything that the nature has to offer. Gardening has taught me to observe these little things in nature and has made me realise how powerful the nature is.

Finally, I end this post with a quote by Walt Whitman. He says

“All the things of the universe are perfect miracles, each as profound as any”.

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Happy Gardening!!




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