Know your pulses

Here is a list of Pulses with their English and Hindi names:

English                                                  Hindi

Chick peas                                       Kabuli Chana

Brown Chickpeas                              Kaala Chana

Green Chickpeas                              Hara Chana

Split Bengal Gram                            Chana Dal

Black Gram Lentils                           Sabut Udad

Split Black Gram                               Udad dal

Whole green gram                            Sabut Moong

Split green gram                               Moong Dal

Whole Lentils                                    Sabut Masoor

Split Red lentils                                 Masoor Dal

Black Eyed Bean                               Chowli/ Lobia

Kidney Bean                                     Rajma

Split Pigeon peas                              Tuvar dal/ Toor Dal

Peas                                                 Matar

Moth beans                                       Matki

Horse Gram                                       Kulith


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