Maharashtrian Vegetarian Thali

When it comes to food, Maharashtrian cuisine will never disappoint you. From kande pohe to batata vada, from sabudana khichdi to misal pav, from modak to shrikhand, to name a few, Maharashtrian cuisine has lots to offer.  Today, I am here with a simple Maharashtrian vegetarian thali. This thali consists of Vaangi Batata Bhaji, Vaalacha Birda, Katachi Amti, Alu wadi, mini Puranpoli, koshimbir, buttermilk, lemon pickle, rice and chapatis.

You can check the  recipes of individual dishes by clicking on the name of the dish below:

Vaangi Batata Bhaji

Vaalacha Birda

Katachi Amti



Lemon pickle



If you liked this Maharashtrian Vegetarian Thali and and wish to have a look at more thali pictures and dishes, do have a look at the following thalis:

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Happy Cooking!!


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