Mangalorean Janmashtami meal

Mangalorean Janmashtami Meal consisting of variety of vegetable preparation, rice and kheer.

Today, on the occasion of Janmashtami, prepared a traditional Mangalorean meal. There are certain dishes which are typically made on this day, for eg: Tendli Chana Sabzi, Mixed vegetable sambhar, moong dal payasam, moong potato sabzi etc. Since childhood, I have seen my mom making all these items on Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi ,Dussehra and the meal was served on plantain leaf.  We used to invite our neighbours to have lunch with us. It used to be a joyful experience and those memories will forever be cherished.  

My Janmashtami lunch today consists of rice, pickle, papad, Kadle Manoli Sukka, Padengi Batata Ghasi, Mixed Vegetable Sambhar, Moong Dal Kosambari, Bhindi Upkari, Curds and Moong Dal Payasam. The recipe for each item is given below. Click on the name of the dish to read the recipe:

Kadle Manoli Sukka (Tendli Chana Sukka)

Mangalorean Kadle Manoli

Padengi Batata Ghasi (Sprouted moong and potato curry)

Sprouted Green Gram & Potato Curry

Mixed Vegetable Sambhar

Mixed Vegetable Koddel

Moong Dal Kosambari (Cucumber Moong Dal Salad)

Moong Dal Kosambari

Bhindi Upkari 

Mangalorean Bhindi Upkari


Making curd at home

Moong Dal Payasam (Moong Dal Kheer)

Moong Dal Kheer

Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice

Mangalorean Mango Pickle

Mangalorean Mango Pickle
Mangalorean Janmashtami meal

Happy Cooking !!


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