Raw Vegetable Juice

Mixed Vegetable Juice – a healthy juice of raw vegetables.

There are occasions when we tend to binge-eat especially during vacations, family functions, weekend dinners, buffet meals and so on. All that excess food can sometimes result in a bloated feeling and  indigestion. To get the body back on track, we need to feed it something light and nourishing.  So, what better than a healthy vegetable juice filled with minerals and vitamins? Different combination of raw vegetables  can be tried to make a healthy drink.   

Here, I have used carrots, bottle gourd (lauki/doodhi), cucumber, tomatoes, amla (Indian gooseberry) and bitter gourd (karela) to make this juice.  One important point to be kept in mind while using raw bottle gourd is that it should not be bitter. So, before making the juice, it is advisable to taste a tiny piece of bottle gourd to check if it is bitter. If the bottle gourd is bitter, it is strictly not to be used for the juice.  Here goes the recipe:


1 cup bottle gourd cut into small pieces (lauki/doodhi)
2 carrots  (gajar)
1 tomato  (tamatar)
1 bitter gourd (karela)
1 cucumber (kakdi)
1 to 2 gooseberry (amla)
¾ inch piece of ginger
2 tsp lemon juice
½ to 1 tsp black salt (kala namak)


  • Wash all the vegetables.
  • Peel the carrots, cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd and cut into small pieces. 
  • Chop the tomato and amla into small pieces.
  • Add all the cubed vegetables alongwith ginger and a cup of water into a blender. Blend well.
  • Strain the mixture through a strainer and extract the juice.
  • To the juice, add lemon juice and black salt.
  • Mix well.
  • Serve  Mixed vegetable juice immediately.

Note: I have strained the mixture to obtain the juice. Alternatively you can consume the thick juice without straining so that no fibres are lost.

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