Rava Burfi | | How to make Rava Burfi

How to make rava burfi

Rava Burfi is a simple yet amazing dessert which can be made for festive occasions or to simply pamper your sweet tooth. This dessert requires basic ingredients like rava, sugar, ghee and milk, which is found in every Indian kitchen.  Let’s take a look at the recipe of rava burfi.


1 cup semolina (rava)
¾ cup clarified butter (ghee)
1 cup sugar (cheeni)
1 cup milk (doodh)
1 tsp cardamom powder (elaichi powder)
4 tbsp chopped almonds & pistachios (badam & pista)
Few drops of ghee for greasing the tray


  • Heat a thick bottomed pan and add ghee.
  • When the ghee starts melting, add rava.
  • Keep stirring the rava continuously on slow flame.
  • Cook the rava till it turns aromatic.  
  • Add sugar, milk and cook the mixture on slow flame till the mixture thickens and starts to leave the sides of the pan.
  • You need to keep stirring continuously to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan. 
  • When the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan, add cardamom powder, chopped nuts, mix well and turn off the gas. 
  • Grease a square tray or a plate with few drops of ghee.
  • Transfer the  rava mixture to the greased tray/ plate. 
  • Spread the mixture evenly and level the surface with a spatula. 
  • Allow this to cool.
  • Once the mixture cools a little, cut into pieces. 


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